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Our Foundation Goals

We care about youth. We believe in the youth of today. It is in our youth that we have the greatest opportunity to change the ills of our day. And from our own experience, it is the care and support we received during our growing up years that still carries us to this day. Because of these basic themes in our lives, we have the following goals:

  1. We desire to bring youth into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this through public speaking opportunities, grants and by further challenging individual and corporate support of youth ministry.

    The Sween Team--We also sponsor The Sween Team—on designated nights, we invite youth ministries to attend major league baseball games. We give them tshirts with Sween Team on the front, and the scripture verse John 17.21 on the back. For many youth, this may be the first time they have attended a major league baseball game. To join with us in giving more youth an opportunity to attend games, please click here.

  2. We desire to grow the ministry of Catholic Athletes for Christ, an outreach to youth all across the world. Catholic Athletes for Christ is an evangelistic ministry in the Catholic Church. They use the ministry of the Word and music to bring the gospel to disenfranchised youth and those who have turned away from the Church.

  3. We desire to further the cause of pro life ministries, particularly crisis pregnancy centers. One of our great goals is that others would partner with us in placing multiple 3D ultrasound machines in crisis pregnancy centers across the country. We are looking for individual and corporate support for this effort.

  4. We desire to bring unity between Catholics and Protestants. We’ve personally experienced the division that occurs between Catholics and Protestants. Our desire is that through our Foundation we can foster greater education and understanding of the unity that we have in Christ.

  5. We desire to host Catholic baseball camps all across the country. Currently, in conjunction with Fellowship of Christian Athletes Baseball we host a baseball camp in Kansas City. That camp draws several hundred youth. We provide instruction but also share testimonies of faith. It is our desire to host more of these camps with other major league baseball players as an outreach. If you would like to support this effort, please click here.

  6. We desire to support our military, especially the Wounded Warrior Foundation and Navy SEAL foundation.

  7. We desire to use music ministry to bring the Gospel to the lost. One of our dreams is to help host concert series for contemporary Christian artists. One of our favority groups is Third Day. We know that music is a major attraction for the youth of today and therefore provides a great opportunity for outreach.

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