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How to Support the Foundation

When you look at our Foundation Goals/Ministry, you can see the Mike & Shara Sweeney Family Foundation has many broad reaching goals. For each of the areas of interest that we have, we personally support those areas of ministry. If we believe in it, we financially support it. On the other hand, our goals are big enough “God-sized goals” that we are going to need some help. We believe there is great gain when people partner together in common goals. So we invite your support, for the following:

Below, you’ll find some of the ways you may join with the Mike & Shara Sweeney Family Foundation.

Types of Gifts: Because our Foundation is administered by SCCF, there are may ways that you can contribute, including publicly traded stock, closely held stock, partnership interests, sports memorabilia, collectibles, vehicles, airplanes, real estate, business interests, etc. Just contact SCCF at 913-310-0279 or at

Corporate Support - your company may choose to support the Mike & Shara Sweeney Family Foundation. You may send checks to SCCF at 706 Lindenwood Dr., Olathe, KS 66062. Or you may contact them at 913-310-0279 or at You may also have excess business inventory or certain overstock items that you may wish to contribute. Please contact SCCF for more information.

Corporate Matches — To assist with helping more youth attend major league baseball games and being part of the Sween Team, we are accepting corporate matching grants. Up to specified levels, we will match the grants of corporations to assist us in helping youth attend baseball games. We will also gladly accept matches for any other area of our Foundation ministry.

Personal Support — we gladly welcome the personal financial support of individuals who desire to partner with our Foundation and its goals and ministry. Personal checks may be sent to SCCF at 706 Lindenwood Drive, Olathe, KS 66062. For more information contact SCCF at

Vehicle donations — We recognize that some may choose to give vehicles to support the Foundation and its goals and ministry. To do so, click here. By doing so, you will go to the SCCF website. There, click on the "Donate A Vehicle" button and then select the Mike & Shara Sweeney Family Foundation.

Credit card donations — you can now donate online via the Servant Christian Community Foundation's secure online payment system which allows reciepting of all monies and gifts. Donate Here.

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