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Mike and Shara's Story

In August of 1996, Jim Nettles was coaching minor league baseball as a way to stay in the game after his big league career ended after playing in the American League for six and a half seasons. On his way home to Seattle, Jim stopped to see his friend Bob Boone, who was managing the KC Royals at the time. After working out with the team for a few days, Jim was asked to finish the season with the Royals as an assistant coach. Jim, who was a baseball junkie, befriended a young catcher while hanging out in the bullpen.

While on a road trip to Arlington, Texas, Jim was joined by his wife, Carol and daughter, Shara (who was on break from attending Pacific Lutheran University). While at the mall having a date with his daughter, Jim was spotted by his "bullpen" friend, catcher Mike Sweeney. Mike introduced himself to Jim and this beautiful woman who had no other label but "Shara."

A few days later, as the team charter airplane arrived into Kansas City, Mike entered the bus to see Jim Nettles sitting with a beautiful redhead, his wife Carol. The mystery girl from the mall now equated to Jimís daughter. After Mike walked by Shara with a smile, it was not reciprocated.(Shara thought he was smiling at someone else). After embarrassing himself, Mike decided to ask "the girl from the mall" out to dinner. Mike was informed her official title was Shara and she agreed to accompany him on a double date with teammates Rick and Nikki Huisman. The date started at Houstonís Restaurant at Kansas Cityís Plaza and ended at the All American Inn. Itís not what you think. That is the hotel where the Nettles family was staying. Shara had to leave the following morning to Seattle for Volleyball practice as she played out side hitter for her team at PLU.

After a wonderful date, a few years of being apart, cultivating a wonderful friendship and waiting for the green light from God, Mike went to the All Star game in Seattle in July of 2001. The moment they saw each other, they knew this was it!!! In February of the same year, Mike asked Shara to marry him at his cabin in Lake Tahoe. Shara agreed and on November 9,2002 God united the hearts and souls of Mike and Shara Sweeney as they married at St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church ion Ontario, California. Mike and Shara are proud to say that they were together for six years before they got married but they waited until their wedding night to share the gift of intimacy with one another.

Since then, they have welcomed Michael James and McKara Lynn into this world. They attend St James Catholic Church in Solana Beach, CA(during the off-season), St John La Lande in Blue Springs, MO(during the baseball season) and St Timothy Catholic Church in Mesa, AZ(during Spring Training).

Shara, daughter of Jim Nettles, former MLB

Married on 11/9/2002

Two children:

Michael James Sweeney born March 6, 2004

McKara Lynn Sweeney born July 22, 2005

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