How To Stop Procrastinating While Writing An Essay

Yes, we can guess what you are doing other than writing that essay which is due in two days!

You are still looking at the screen. Mindlessly scrolling, and now that the realization has suddenly dawned upon you that you need to finish your task, you are trying to find ways to stop procrastinating.

Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not that difficult!

All you need to do is put your mind to it. If this is not your first article, then do not worry, because this will be your last. In this excerpt below, we will be giving you some of the best tricks which will help you to stop procrastinating.

Plus, if the thought of writing a huge essay is what causes all the distraction because you are anxious about the long list of tasks, then we might have some solution. You can avail the best essay writers, and they can help you with this one task.

What Is Procrastinating?

If this is the first time that you are coming across this term, then that is precisely what you are doing right now. Procrastination is when you do everything else but do the important task on your schedule.

With the advancement of technology and everything that the internet is offering, there are just too many options that will distract you. This is probably because the task is really difficult, and it will require your 100% concentration, so you are just not able to give up the entertainment.

Well, it is important!

You cannot watch another episode of that series; what you need to do right now is turn that television off and get to work!

Tips To Stop Procrastinating

Here are some of the common ways in which you can stop procrastinating. These are not just full proof but are mostly used by students who have a hard time concentrating.

1. Stop Whatever You Are Doing!

Pretty sure you are convincing yourself that this is the last episode you are watching or that you will stop scrolling through social media after 5 minutes. This is poison to that perfect essay you are trying to write.

So, if you wish to stop missing precious hours after hours with just the thought of doing the task, then tighten to will power and-

Stop whatever you are doing right now!

Keep your electronic device away, take your book out, or begin your research for that essay. We swear! Once you get your mind on the task, the hours will just move swiftly. You have to stop anticipating the task or sulk over it and just get into the task.

2. Early Deadline

It doesn’t matter if your paper is due after two weeks; you have to keep reminding yourself that you just have one week. You will see that you are getting so much done than when you were giving yourself two whole weeks.

Plus, it is a great way to perfect your work. You will have more time to revise and learn new things. Plus, when writing a paper, you will have enough time to start again for a fresh final draft, with less time to finish.

This is the best way to take it slow and finish your task with efficiency.

3. Make An Atmosphere

Romanticizing studies is an amazing psychological trick to get working immediately. For your essay, you pick up an amazing subject that really inspires you, get into the rabbit hole of research, and then start writing.

The whole dark academia mood is a great way to bring in that attractiveness in the task, which has been historically deemed as boring. So, you can set up the space, get your lights, light up a candle, play some dark academic music, and just get to work.

The aesthetic atmosphere will inspire the mood to study!

4. Give Yourself Small Goals

Do not give yourself huge tasks. You will just get intimidated thinking about it and start to avoid it more with other distractions. Give yourself small goals like; you only have to finish the Introductory part of the essay today.

However, always remember that you will be able to accomplish your task with much less rush only when you start early. Obviously, if you are sitting to pull an all-nighter because the work is due tomorrow, such plans wouldn’t be effective.

Therefore, starting your work early is very important.

5. Time Yourself

Whenever you sit for your task, always give yourself a personal deadline. Like you will be finishing a certain portion in an hour. Keep a clock in front of you, and get rid of every electronic or another element that can distract you.

This will not only prevent you from easting hours after hours on one thing, but you will get a lot done in a few hours. However, give yourself breaks in exhaustion as well. Now, once you’re done with the task assigned for today, you can finally sit and relax to binge without guilt.

You have been productive!

You totally deserved it!

6. Write What You Wish To

Do not put yourself in such a strict grid that you do not enjoy the task. If it is a college essay, pick out the most interesting part and start with that. The rest will definitely follow. On the other hand, you will start liking your homework and have the motivation to finish it.

Always remember!

Motivation leads to success, leads to motivation!

So, you will have to start somewhere, and then with the completion of one task, you will get a productivity boost, and the chain follows.

Get To Work!

Another effective way would be to do it with a friend!

Sometimes, a friend’s motivation can inspire you. So, if you have a scholarly friend who is not just prepared but excited for the task, then get to work with them. You will be able to help each other in terms of doubt and cheerleading.

Plus, you will always see that sitting with someone who has the zeal to work ignites an unconscious sense of competition among all of us. Sit with achievers, and you will become one.